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Such programs greatly increase reliability and speed of file download and provide you with far more possibilities to control download process.

DirLot: Download

Before starting download, make sure your system meets the requirements presented on the System requirements page.

Download Files

To start download select the link below:

File Summary Size, bytes
dirlot-0.9.3-adam.zip Dirlot 0.9.3 Adam mod 26 312
Old versions
dirlot-0.9.2.zip Dirlot 0.9.2 21 759
dirlot-0.9.zip Dirlot 0.9 11 381

The utility is distributed in a packed file of zip format. If you have some questions about means of the file's download or about using of packed files then notice the short explanations in the side columns.

And don't worry about malware: there is just no place for them to be.

Setup guidelines

  1. Unpack the downloaded file in a directory on your hard disk. (I advise you to create the "Dirlot" subdirectory in the Program Files directory and unpack the file in created directory).
  2. If you wish, move one of the localization files from the "locals" subdirectory in just the directory where you has unpacked the downloaded file and where the utility is currently.
  3. It's all! You can run it. (Select the dirlot.hta file).
  4. If something go wrong, please:
    1. Get calm and try to think what might be a cause of the troubles.
    2. Read the readme.txt file in the Dirlot's directory.
    3. Apply to me for information (les2@ua.fm)


This utility is freeware. Basically, the license for the Dirlot utility (Dirlot Public License) allows you to:

  1. use the utility on the computer you are working at
  2. distribute the compressed file (archive) the utility is placed in.

At the same time, if you have not explicit written permissions from author, it is forbidden to you to:

  1. charge or/and collect any payments for using of the software
  2. distribute any changed versions of the software.

You may also modify the utility under a rather restrictive terms: you should send all changes to author of the utility in order to obtain the right to distribute it. That is mainly to protect users of the utility.

The software is distributed AS IS without guaranties of any kinds.

You can read the entire text of the Dirlot Public License on the http://soft.km.ua/soft/dirlot/license.en.html page.


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