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DirLot: Overview

The DirLot utility shows relative size of files and subfolders in a folder on diagram. In other words, this utility allows you to quickly estimate how many space a file or subfolder occupies in a folder, or how total size of the folder is distributed among its elements.

Thus, the utility helps you to analyze how space is distributed on your disk and determine which folders or files take the most of disk space. Presenting relative sizes of files and folders on vivid colorful diagram it greatly increases both speed and efficiency of disk space management eluding guess-work or repetitive manual queries of file system.

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Visualization of Folder Sizes...

Columnar diagram of folder sizes

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The screenshot of the utility (to the right) will help you to catch the point. Full 'inverse' path to the current folder is displayed at the top of the utility. The several controls below allows you to change visual presentation of the size diagram. Here is the table under them, whose left column lists names of subfolders and the right column shows diagram strips and size of appropriate subfolder.

If you want to analyze another folder, just click on the corresponding link in the left column or in the 'inverse' path at the top. In order to update current view click on the first (leftmost) element in the 'inverse' path.

and File Sizes and Metadata

Files links are shown in green

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If the folder contains files too, then the file links are indicated with green. Once you select such link, Dirlot will show you the metadata of corresponding file instead of diagram - file's attributes, creation date, etc.

Metadata of a file

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When Dirlot shows metadata of a file it looks like it is shown to the right screenshot.

At the bottom of utility's window is placed its version number, link to the page and email of its author (for your complaints and suggestions).

Progress Indicator at Root Folder Rendering

Progress indicator at data retrieval

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Finally, when it retrieves data about sizes of elements in a root directory, it displays progress indicator (since the process can be sometimes long enough, taking up to a few dozens of second).

If the utility is of your interest then even if it's seems all clear for you, refer please to the page System requirements. If you want to inform author about something, please don't hesitate whether to write.

You can download the utility from the Download page.

Open source: you can change it

Columnar diagram of folder sizes (new version)

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Recently an user of the Dirlot - Adam Gates - informed me that he had created a modified version of the utility. I've reviewed his modification and found it is pretty unough that may appear of interest to other users too. The modifications that Adam have introduced are rather minimal:

Minimum coding was required to accoplish all that. The only trouble author had that not allowed him to put the modification for download right away was the old license. He changed it and now you can download the modification.

So Dirlot is open source and it means you can change it too. Try. It should not be hard. And do not forget to send your modifications back to author. Have fun.


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Dirlot's Review

It's citation from the article Calculating folder sizes simplified by Serdar Yegulalp, editor of the Windows Power Users Newsletter:

"One program which is striking both for the kinds of results it returns and the way it's been implemented is DirLot, a compiled HTML application that returns a colorful and interactively explorable folder-size report. The program is designed to tell you what in a given directory is taking up the most space by percentile, but it also returns the total size of a given folder quite quickly, and it tries to inform the user when it's busy harvesting information so you're not faced with an inactive display when you click on something."

Thank you, Serdar! Still, author should add a little correction: Dirlot is not compiled (in the computer sence); it іs inherently open source since it is just a plain text file consisting mostly of JavaScript and some HTML for results presentation.

Folder Size Visualization

Certainly, the Dirlot utility isn't only one such in the world. There are several applications with such functionality. The following are links to some of them:

In any case, you can find such an utilities in many software download directories in these sections Disk Utility, File Management.

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