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Historic reference: when sir Reginald Cheyne had acquainted himself with my utility he decided to build a castle in honour of it. Reconstruction of the castle's appearance

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It's a small software download directory. Here will be gathered links to some programs that I use now or used in the past, reviews of the programs, and my own projects as well.


how that just befits to a directory, there will be links to software grouped by their application domains. The directory is NOT planned as exhaustive one, for there are many other such sites (see the callout to the right). Instead, here I'm going to gather the best, tried programs, or the one's that stand out against a crowd in some other way.

I will also try to supply reviews of the programs, and when possible provide you with comparative overviews or links to such overviews.

DirLot - folder size report utility

the honest utility showing relative size of files and subfolders in a folder (directory) on hard disk using columnar diagram. (See also the historic reference to the left).

Statok (Fortune)

the personal financial management application. It's made just because I wanted to create something that on my own. It is so crude now that I don't dare to put it out for download. But maybe some day...


Ukrainian transport aircraft Mriya (Dream)Here I'm going to talk about some software that is not created yet (or I've just failed to find them). Thus why would not dream about them some time?


Software Download Directories

Only some one's of dozens:

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