DirLot: System requirements

The following is list of requirements to software and hardware of your computer which should be met in order to the Dirlot utility work well.


These requirements are critical.

  • Windows XP, 2000, 98
  • Internet Explorer 5.5 (Internet Explorer 5.0 with some problems)
  • Windows Scripting Host (WSH) 5.1
(or next versions)

The utility depends badly on presence and version of the Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE). If you use IE 5.0 then some problems may arise relating to the utility's localization. (If you do not use localization feature the utility works well even when IE 5.0 is installed).

Therefore I urge you to install or update your version of Internet Explorer. You can take it for free on the Microsoft's website (see also links to the right).


These requirements are roughly approximate.

  • 500 MHz Celeron
  • 128 MByte of memory (RAM)
  • 60 KByte of free hard disk space
(or more)

Note: It's quite possible the utility will be able to work normally on some computers having even weaker technical characteristics.

If you has tried the DirLot utility on a computer having lesser characteristics then those presented here and the utility worked well enough, be so kind to let me know about this and inform me of the computer's characteristics. Thank you.

The hardware requirements was corrected thanks to Richard Eichel's notification. Who'll report lesser parameters?

You can download the utility from the Download page.


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Upgrade your system

Using the links below you can download the components needed to run Dirlot:

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